Sportsbook question!!!!!!!

what does that mean? Can someone explain what does this staff mean. i was more use to and do not understand what the hell is going on...thnks in advance.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 11-5

Fedor Emelianenko 12-5

Field (Any Fighter Not Listed) 5-1

Heath Herring 16-1

Mark Coleman 9-2

Mirko Filipovic 5-2

Murilo Rua 8-1

Paulo Silva Cesar 25-1

Ron Waterman 18-1

Sergei Kharitonov 18-5

Stefan Leko 15-1


Look at it mathematically... these are the Odds.

Stefan Leko 15-1

That means Leko = 15 to 1.

Mirko Filipovic 5-2...

And this right here.... that's still odds, but it's like a division problem.

Odds on Mirko winning = 2.5 to 1.