Sportswear: Money-Maker?

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I used to work for a sportswear company here in Canada that sold their clothing to American customers (95%). I was debating whether or not to start-up my own sportswear company for a number of reasons and want to know what you guys & gals think:

- I can buy clothing here in Canada and resell to the United States via e-commerce (buy in Canadian, sell in American $$)
- I have relatively good credit and probably would be able to get corporate accounts with suppliers, which would evidently bring my clothing costs down somewhat
- I can approach some of athletes that I have in-direct contact with to see whether they would endorse my products
- I would primarily do silk-screening being that the equipment is relatively cheap (probably a one-time $10,000 Cdn to buy the equipment) and I can probably get some financing through my bank

If the above issues (knowing there are probably many more factors that I haven't discussed) all fell into place, could the business be a success? I am really looking for some feedback from current and potential entrepreneurs who can toss in some of their constructive criticism as well as whether this type of business can in fact make money (long-term).

Companies like Tap Out, FCFighter, Punishment Clothing and Fairtex have their clothing line which sells and if the owners aren't already well-off financially from selling sportswear, you got to think they will be one MMA hits mainstream. Opinions?

Good question, to which I have no answers. I bet you could tap some pretty good resources on - I'm sure there a plenty of people who started/work for the fightwear companies you mentioned. We just need to get 'em on this forum...

Thanks goph94 for your input. Comments from anybody out there who has started their own small business as a spin-off from an former employers market would be appreciated...


are you familiar with the screen printing process? 10,000 is a lot to invest on this stuff especially if you have never screen printed. if i can get an idea of how much experience you have in screen printing then maybe i can help you. i have a screen printing shop and have done lots of research on the market. it can be a good investment, but screen printers come and go at a very, very fast pace. more so than other trades. i presume that this is because of the relatively low startup, but tough learning curve. if you are willing to do this for the long run than it is a good idea, but you must think creatively. you must be willing to print other items to subsidize your income while building your products branding. get at me if you have questions

I've thought about that too...I have contacts with sportswear manufacturers in China, who can make the shirts for dirt cheap. problem is, there is a quota for textiles coming in from china. still gotta do more research. where are u located? Toronto?


unless you are planning to sell huge quantities of garments, it would be more practical to buy within the u.s.

purchasing from asia adds a whole lot of variables to the process which can make it more expensive and less efficient in the long run.

if either you or getoutta are interested in preprint clothing lines, send me an email, and i will tell you what i know.

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