Sprawl Canada at the GTA?

Does anyone know if a rep from Sprawl will be there on
Sunday? I was going to order, but if they're there
I will wait and buy then.



Also, anyone from Shah's need a ride, call or email
me. I won't be leaving Scarberia until about 10-10:30

They will not be at the GTA to my knowledge, if you want to speak to the man himself, email him at pat@oama.ca

Sprawl will not be attending the GTA if you would like to purchase any Sprawl items please check out www.sprawl.ca

Ummm, I am not impressed with the waist tie of sprawl shorts.

Is something wrong with me?

Dougie the waist tie is very impressive. You should be impressed. A hundred monkeys on a hundred type writers worked for a hundred days to draft the patent on that thingy.

Are you talking about the little string that ensures that your shorts don't get completely stripped off of you? Or the whole velcro thing?

A hundred monkeys using a hundred typewriters eh?

That is impressive ;)

puts hole in the wall

Damn!....my size is backordered!