Sprawl on head outside single

Hello everyone, another technical question for the wrestling gurus here:

How do you sprawl on a head outside single, as opposed to when your opponent attempts a head inside single? THe opponent may have actively shot a head outside single, or he may have attempted a high crotch but did not get deep/high enough. In any case, he has an arm between your legs and his head is on the outside of your hip.

The main difference is that it is a lot harder to get your weight on his head in this shot. I find it a lot easier to exert pressure on his head when defending a head inside single. Also, because his head is outside, he is able to step around and get an angle on you like in a duckunder. Cross faces are also a lot less useful. Do these differences change the basic nature of your sprawl compared to when the head is inside?


My college coach taught us to sprawl on a head outside shot by dropping your hips down and into the man while moving legs away. Also, and probably the most important part, you have to sprawl so that the insides of both feet are on the mat, not the tops or any other part, and you make a quarter-turn. By being on the inside of your feet, you are able to drop your hips very low and put a great deal of pressure on his shoulder. You also need to push down and away on his head.

I've had my best success by switching. Make sure to block his near arm, so he can't switch off to a double (most likely coming).

Another thing I do is block his near arm to prevent the double and try for a crossface or underhook.

From the under you can usually force your foot to the ground and break his clasp or pancake him.

Ultimately, you are probably better off either jamming it before he even gets in there or being more pro-active.

Of course, my replies are assuming that this is strictly wrestling and not Sub Wrestling or MMA.

Chip and Todd should have some goodies for you...

Thanks for the replies so far. Yes, it would be interesting to hear what the mods have to say.

Just to clarify, it is pure wrestling that I'm talking about. The problem I'm having is blocking my opponent from going behind. My instincts are to fight the near hand to prevent the double, or to push his head away, but this just leaves my outer side open for the go-behind. I know at least two training partners who are very good at scooting and circling as soon as they hit the outside single, making it very difficult to get your weight on them when you sprawl. Cross facing them only seems to help them get more of an angle on you. This does not occur with head inside singles.

Ahhhhh...he's going behind you. I didn't catch that before.

If he's got your leg, can you get it out from between his and put your shin on his thigh to begin to block? Got hand control?

Might sound dumb, but can you get his head back inside and grab a wizzer?

Can you sink the wizzer in before he starts moving?


As far as sprawling, I can't really verbalize what works, I just pull it off(at least I did before i had to take a 2 year lay off:(). Definitely stuff the head, and drive your hips into his head/shoulder. You should at least make space for an escape.

As usual, Shelton has given some really great advice.

A couple of basic rules of sprawling:

1. GET HIS HEAD DOWN. I don't care where his head is, shove into the ground. You'd be better served pushing his head down than away. (I'm not saying pushing away is "bad", but pushing down is better.)

2. Always turn your hips to face toward his head - this means that when he shoots a head inside single, you end up squaring up with him (don't let him get that angle!), and when he shoots a head outside single or double, you get an angle on him by turning your hips towards his head which pressures into his shoulder.

So in short form: He shoots head inside, square up as you sprawl. He shoots head outside, get angle as you sprawl. Simple as that.

Be very very careful of whizzering a guy down on the mat when he's head-inside on you, there's a very easy finish from there (which used to be in the MOTHERF*#$%ING ARCHIVES!!!) for your opponent.

It kind of sounds like your opponents are doing a "peek out" - is that what's going on? If that's the case, maintaining that angle and keeping his head down should stop it.

And one more thing about sprawling: DON'T STOP MOVING! Remember that this man is trying to take your ass down. Just because you hit a quick sprawl, he's not going to say "Aw shucks. I tried." No. He's going to keep moving and re-adjusting, so that means that YOU need to keep moving your feet, keep re-adjusting your hips, keep punishing his head, etc. Make him pay for taking a shot on you!

Thanks for the responses. Turning my hips into the opponent's head is particularly helpful. I've been trying to sprawl 'downwards' before, in order to get my weight on him, but that leaves me open for the peek out.

Incidentally, I just read the 'boot scoot' thread. The move described there is exactly what I'm talking about - a duckunder into a single leg. If you don't turn your hips towards his head when sprawling on that, the opponent will be on your side/back and can break you down forward.

Thanks again for the wrestling lesson. By the way, Chip's frustration at losing the archives is building up...slowly but surely...like a pressure cooker! :)