Sprawl Shorts

Have been training in my new Sprawl Flexfighter shorts and they are execlent. If you haven't tried out a pair of these you are selling yourself short. By far the most comfortable fight gear I have worn for grappling or striking. Get out and grab a pair you won't be disappointed.


Are they still split down the outside as well?

I just cut my slit higher up, to about my waist.... then someone was like "those shorts! too sexy too sexy!"

But man, are they comfortable.


Was it Fawzi who said that?

Man Sprawl rocks. They are the best shorts hands down and they continue to inprove their product. They research and ask what fighters and grapplers look for in shorts and they create that, as is the case in the new Flex short. Not to mention sprawl shorts are almost indestructable. I have worn mine everyday and washed them each day and they are still like new!!

Most importantly they are great guys to deal with and really love the sport and take care of their sponsored fighters!!!


the ppl at sprawl rock, take care of ya well.


So are they split down the outside as well, or no?

I have pair too but what I like better is Chris Brennans NOGI shorts..pretty much the same