Sprayed My Shaver With Cologne To Disinfect

Am I doing it right ?
What should I have used?
Went to the store looking for barbicide spray, no bueno…

I’ve found tire rim cleaner to work best :man_shrugging:

I believe urine from a healthy adult is sterile and may be a cheaper alternative?

Assuming that you can find a healthy adult.

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Rubbing Alcohol works too.

Brake cleaner if you’re not a complete pussy.

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Alcohol is probably the way to go. Bleach is a great sanitizer but can be hard on materials. 91% isopropyl alcohol you can get at most grocery stores. Ethanol is good also, anything over 60%, but that can be harder to find. Your cologne is alcohol based so it would probably help some, but the purer the better I would think.


Thanks, found some

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Whisky will work.

Hot water and whatever soap is around? That’s all I’ve done my entire life and it hasn’t seemed to be an issue.