Spreewell to go off!

Spree had a crap game 1. Look for him to come out tonight and just kick ass. He is not quite as fast as he once was but he still gets his. If Cassell feeds him the ball look for him to have 20-25 points in game 2. Combine that with KG's usual double double and space alien Cassells contribution it should be a fairly easy win again. Look for Szerbiak and Olowokandi to have big games off the bench too. It really doesnt matter who we start, Flip Saunders will always have a fresh guy in there. Congrats to Hubie Brown Coach of the year and kudos to Lebron ROY (Carmelo should have shared the honor though. Easy series for the Timberwolves who will win in 4 games ( 5 if Carmelo heats up) Look for New York Giants to trade up for Eli Manning Saturday. It will cost em a arm and a leg though. Vikings to take a linebacker. Floppy Divac's new name will be KG4MVP when I win the contest.

If Spree is on tonight, it's gonna be REAL ugly for the nuggets

It helps having 3 players who can light it up.

31 for spree, good call! Garnett is amazing

Wolves are looking good enough to get to the conference finals and get punked by the Spurs.

Brian, unlike the faggot Duncan that you have on your team of bitches, you can expect KGizzle to get a triple double at a 1 of 3% this playoff season. You on the otherhand can just keep dreaming of your tinfoil hat and your horsecock porn. You're done bitch!! :)

Not without the glaring reflection of The Admiral's teef. ;) props, just drunk joshin, don't make me break out the utencils of insult, I already fucked up a passenger side mirror tonight. lol, NO ON OPERATION DRUNKO DRIVERO!!!!!!

lol, fuck, I've gotta figure out how much this shit's gonna cost. I haven't even seen it yet, all I know is that my drunk ass wasn't able to use the passengerside mirroe to assist me in my parking. badnews for the Spurs, I think that's what this means. lol


Wolves are looking good enough to get to the conference finals and get punked by the Spurs.ehem, must be a typo there, that should say punked by the LAKERS!!

or punked by the Lakers

Yeah-I called it. Im telling you, this Timberwolf team is for real. We can beat any team on a givin night if we are on. Garnett even said himself he didnt have a great game. Thats the standard this team has. Floppy your team better be ready for round 2 cause you are in for a hell of a battle. In fact I would be willing to bet you a forum name change to whomever wins the series until the end of the season. (you gotta change it anyway when I win the contest)

" Yeah-I called it. Im telling you, this Timberwolf team is for real. We can beat any team on a givin night if we are on."

OG leader in cliches per sentence

lol, I've already got a bet going on that I might lose. You might be facing the Mavs instead of the Kings.

C'mon Floppy-We both know Dallas has no defence at all. Sac will win in 5 games. And if the wolves lose to Sac in round 2 I will name myself CWeb2TakeTimeOutsThatDontExist. Just Bullshiting, You can name me whatever you want. Have confidence in your team and take this bet.

Good maybe they'll get out of that dreaded first round.

The whole Denver team went off tonight. Talk about a humbling loss for the Wolves. And the best part of the whole night had to be Andre Miller pushing KG. To funny.

lol, I missed that, hopefully I catch it later.

Well in case you missed in Floppy I'll give you a little play by play. The Nugs throw the ball out of bounds and Mello, who is on the bench, catches it. Well KG then comes over it and being his usual self is talking trash and trying to take the ball. Mello tries to chuck it over his head to the ref, but KG deflects the ball back toward him. Mello keeps trying to throw the ball to the ref, and while all of this is going on Andre Miller is just sitting there next to Mello with a bored look on his face. I guess Miller had seen enough of KG b/c, without even getting out of his seat, he pushes KG. He then just gets up and walks off, and all the while the expression on his face never changes. The combination of Miller doing this while sitting, with that bored look, and the fact that the push was with the force you'd give to a little kid was just to funny. KG trying to play it hard while Miller just walked off was even better.

lol, fuck KG.