SPROUT, thanks alot man.

Hey, great workout today.

Thanks for offering to work with me, I appreciate the help.

I'll be in tomorrow for BJJ at noon.

Thanks again.


Hey, my work schedule just change, I'll be starting work a bit later so I can make a few more classes.

I should be in the BJJ and Sub Grappling tomorrow, you are teaching the sub grappling right SPROUT?

Sprout is a cool kat

Dreamer Imma try to make it up on Sat just to meet you

Good deal, I'll be there at noon for the sub grappling class though I'll probably just do it for an hour so I can jump over to the MT class as Saturday is the only day I can do MT.

I am taking this fight seriously, I started training at Jorge Gurgels a few days ago and I should be there 6 days a week.