Spurs 2-0 Woo hoo !!!

I honestly thought the Suns were going to spank us. I'm starting to think differently.

Of course, Sun will probably knot it up in Phoenix but at least I know this will be a good series at the very least.


Sometimes, you gotta have a little faith.

Yes... yes you do!

 I don't know what to say.  Very disappointed, once again a huge lead in the first half was completely given away.  Disastrous 3rd quarter, the offense looked totally fucked like only 2 points in the 1st 8 minutes I believe. 

The only hope now is to win both in Phoenix, and I wont be able to see either game. 

Tables definately turned.

Eh, no need to panic until you lose one at home.

 Well I remain as always firmly behind my team but unfortunately San Antonio has proved in these first 2 games why they have the hardware.  It sickens me but they have the mental composure and we dont.  And if we dont find it right here and now it is over. 

Grant Hill's injury situation is just shitty.  Had his healthiest regular season in years but gets an injury late and is now a non factor against the opponent we needed him for.  Him and Barbosa combining for 0 points is rarely going to result in a victory.



F Those Band Wagoners!!!

STAT was also a non-factor in the second half.

 I'm sorry I went and joined the Celtics bandwagon.  KG fan 4 life!!!!!  ;)

I still believe SA lives and dies by Manu.  When he got up and went to the tunnel last night in the first half to stretch out I almost shit.  The dude is even more banged now with an ankle injury, but he is bring it!  Lot of games left though before this series is over.  And I respect the forum curse to much to talk any shit.