Spurs @ Kings tonight on espn!!!

Should be an awesome game. The Spurs are on the road and played just last night while the Kings have a few days rest going into tonight's game. They have the upper hand and should definitely win, but we'll see what happens.


Oh, and does anyone currently in the league have a sweeter bank shot than Duncan?? If so I'd love to know who.

"does anyone currently in the league have a sweeter bank shot than Duncan??"

I don't know Floppy, I'm from Canada and we're tortured by only having Raptors games televised regularly.

Betting on NBA games in Canada isn't about winning and lossing or point spreads - it's about the kind of injury that will hobble Vince "The Underachiver" Carter in each game. And the quarter he'll go down.

Fucking shit, I gotta get an American satilite dish.



ttt for the Canadian parlay :)

Nowitski doesn't use his bankshot that often, but he has one that he uses on his turnaround jumpers from the post.

Duncan's the only guy that uses a bankshot that much - Duncan's is pretty flat, actually. Dirk's is better when he actually uses it.

Interesting, now I hate Dirk even more.

I say the Spurs finally win a game against a Western Conf. contender this season. Timmmmaayyy goes for about 30/15, SA pulls out a close one.

I say that you cease and desist with such nonsense!!! :)


I'm lovin' the old-school mid-70's gear the Kings are sporting tonight :) Vlade looks great in a striped headband/wristband combo, lol.

Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, damn, I was terrified after the first quarter. Good/lucky thing for the Kings that they're only down 2 at the half.

Yes, they were very fortunate to be down only 2 at the break. They didn't play well in the first half.

I just want to reiterate how pimpin' Vlade looks in the striped headband :)

Horry has once again stuck a knife in the Kings!!!!!!!!..Robert Horry = the King Killer!!!!!!

I just know as Horry went up for that three Floppy was yelling "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"

lol, fuckin Horry. I wasn't too excited about the game after the 4th started. heh, the Kings made it interesting until that Horry shot. lol, classic that guy. fuck it

Hey Floppy, someone needs to tell Christie he's allowed to make some points. And I nominate Manu's dunk as the dunk of the night. Hell of a game, but I thought you guys got some gift calls there at the end.

"but I thought you guys got some gift calls there at the end."

I agree, and I agree about Christie even more than I agree about the calls!! I've been getting very tired of him these last few games. I've been tired of him for a while now but now it's really starting to bug me. I want a new shooting guard, one that can and will shoot a little more than Doug.

Well, they could have kept Jim Jackson, but nooooooooooo.......

He hit the game-winner for Houston last night, btw :)