Spurs @ Kings!!

Been a good competitive first quarter, good game to watch.

And mabye it's just me but it seems that Peja's got some nice passing and is showing some nice handles out there.

That behind the back pass by Peja was sweet. And yeah the game is pretty good so far. Hopefully it stays this competitive throughout.

Spurs exploiting the Sacramento "defense". heh

wtf?! not a single channel I have is playing this ... is this on nba channel?

This is on regular cable.

It's ABC deepu.

ABC, and that was a great first half. I'm very happy with the Anthony Peeler pickup.

It's friggin Knicks vs Bucks here on abc, fucking Canada!

So are you getting worried yet Floppy?? ;) This game might just come down to the wire. Hopefully the Spurs don't fade here in the fouth and can keep the Kings from making a big run.

I was kinda prepared to lose this game from halftime, but I think we've got a great game here, and Bibby is a fucking G!! So is Parker, but damn, Bibby is insane when it matters.

Ah the fucking Spurs. Always fadding in the fourth. It's been a pretty good back and forth game till now. I gotta say though Floppy that your big men almost looked like they were just hanging out down there in the paint for a good portion of the game. I was suprised the Spurs got to the rimb so many times.

WTF!?!?!? Like I give a shit about the Knicks and Bucks. Turn that shit back to the Spurs and Kings.

Wow, where the fuck did that defense come from?!?!?! lol, that was an incredibly emotional and then fun fourth quarter for me. lol, fucking awesome!!