Spurs @ Lakers tonight!!!

This should be a good game.

no doubt

i say spurs give the lakers their first home loss (maybe only home loss lol) and win this one 89-85

wish i could watch this one

Why can't you watch it??

work, shitty cable

That sucks.

WOW!! Horry's jersey with the Lakers was retired before the game. It was pretty odd seeing him standing there in a full Spurs warm up suit holding up a framed Horry Lakers jersey.

I couldn't hear the crowd's reaction over the espn talk but they seemed to embrace him. They fuckin better have, without him they'd have one less ring for sure. :)

Good game, I'm drinking so any pbp I attempt will be worse than usual, so I'll just start off by saying that I saw Parker get fouled twice on two back to back Spurs posessions where he drove to the hoop. Neither were called, but he made his second shot.

Ouch, 34-19 Lakers with 8:49 to go in the first half.

f the spurs!!!!..Wheres Brian Davis now????..

LOL @ wolfdeth!!! 80 - 53 with under two in the third, this is ooooglay!!

lol, look who rears her ugly head. :)

"WOW!! Horry's jersey with the Lakers was retired before the game." - Does anyone else find this strange?

Did they actually retire his jersey or just give him a framed jersey? I mean, he hit some clutch shots but I'm not sure if that qualifies him to be up in the rafters with Magic and Wilt.

Yougottawanna, you're correct, it was a framed jersey.

And they beat the Pacers....

Away we gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Go Spurs!

Wow, Lakers beat em again tonight. lol, the Spurs are now 9-10. Shaq had a HUGE game!!! He was one block shy of a triple double!!!

CJ, I think he killed himself. :)

shaw toe it up.

LOL!!! For a second I thought you were talking about the retired Brian Shaw and then I realized that you just missed the q. :)