Spurs @ Lakers

Im actually pulling for the bitch ass lakers to win so the Grizz can pull closer to the 4th spot...

But I think the Spurs will win.

Don't worry ..Lakers will beat them..and your bitch ass Grizzlies will be 4th..lol


LET'S GO SPURS!!!!!! Tim Duncan's gonna fuck folks up!!! Robert Horry's gonna hit the game winner!!! Oh man, the Lakers are FUCKED!!!! ;)

F u!!!!!!!!!!...U pole smoker!

lol, SUCK MAH BALLS BEATRICE!!!!! ;) That was a great showing by the Spurs. They put it one em and came through down the line. Bit statement game.

Spurs 1, Lakers 3.

I'm actually kind of relieved we lost. I didn't want to go into the playoffs riding too long a win streak.

Once again the Lakers proved they have no bench..Phil Jackson keeps playing the Fab 4 on avg 40 minutes a game per person..There is no way they can keep up the defensive intensity, logging in these kind of minutes in the playoff's..If the bench doesnt improve in the next few weeks, the Lakers are done.

good point about their bench or lack thereof

conversely, the Spurs have excellent depth

Peja plays mad minutes. :)

that was a great game yesterday, the mad defence of the spurs was a joy to behold, Tim Duncan was the motherfuckin man, didn't dominate of offence but he was a denfensive wall, he was holding shaq off all game, just doing an amazing job

this is the kind of shit i love to watch, two great teams going at it, spurs just proved they were better last night, duncan knows what it takes to win these games, he is an incredible basketball player

and gotta props to greg popovich, i don't think he gets the recognition he deserves, sure everybody thinks he's a great coach but i think he's a bit of a genius, he knows his team so well

From: Brian Davis
Date: 04/04/04 07:39 PM
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"I had to watch this game at work.
This is the ONLY Laker/SPurs matchup this year that meant anything".

LOL at conveniently forgetting/disregarding the 103-87 pasting and the 4-point Laker win at SBC, with both teams at full strength. Like YouGotta said, Spurs 1, Lakers 3. The difference in Sunday's game was Parker's play. He smoked Payton and hit his outside shots. He will not be this consistent come playoff time. Look for Kobe to guard him in 4th quarters should they meet in the playoffs. Parker can be disrupted by length and Kobe can post him up on the offensive end. Just make Parker earn his money on both ends and the Lakers will be fine.

Spurs defense is sooo fucking good! Bowen owned Kobe and Tony Parker owned absolutely everyone! When Ginobli and Parker are on, there's no stopping this team, I love it!

Great win for the Spurts. They will win the Championship this year.

LOL @ counting preseason!!

"Tony Parker owned absolutely everyone!"

I love Derek Fisher but this is a true statement.