Spybot not updating

I have been running Spybot for a while now.

However in the last couple of weeks there has "not been a new update available": when I check for updates.

This seems strange ,..should I reinsatll Spybot and try to update?

I don't think they've released an update in months. Use Adaware and Spysweeper in the meantime.

yeah I had a problem with it too, but mine was different. I had downloaded the installer a while a go, installed it on a computer a couple month ago and there was an update for it at that time. Used the same downloaded copy to install it on another computer a few days ago and told it to update but it found no updates, WTF? It was the same downloaded copy that needed updates, why didn't it need up dates this time

Looks like they just released a new version a couple weeks ago..


It probably has the most recent updates in it.

Get 1.3. My 1.2 version didn't have an update since April, but when I downloaded 1.3 I got the newest definitions.