Spyderco Tactical Training Knives?

any suggestions for a good beginner's knife put out by Spyderco? Any other companies you can suggest?

i'm a beginner myself. i have a spyderco delica. others like the sypderco endura.

are you looking for a "beginner" knife or a "training" knife?

I like the Delica and Endura. They're affordable and well-made. They also come in "drones"--fully-functional trainers that look and feel real, and fold and everything--they just have no edge and a thickened tip. Those are a big bonus for draw drills, etc.

There are nicer knives out there, but I still just own a couple by Spyderco and Cold Steel. They're the cheapest decent knives out there. Oh, wait, there's CRKT. They're very inexpensive too.

What are the good ones that cost a bit more and are actually somewhat better? Uh, Benchmade, Emerson... Oh geez this is the weapons forum. Let someone else do it.

hahaha yeah there are way too many choices, limited only by your budget. The inexpensive knives, as long as they are made by reputable manufacturers (no cheap Chinese knockoffs) like those mentioned above will last you long enough until you decide what you really want... you might even find them to be all you need. 1SKS has a pretty good selection of knives at decent prices... browsing their site will give you a good idea what is out there.

back in the 80's during the balisong craze, i bought a very cheap one off the streets. i was flipping it. probably on my 5th flip or so, the thing starts flying apart. i was in a room demo'ing to a friend who was demo'ing the nunchuku for me. luckily we both did not get hurt.

since then, i've learned, buy good quality weapons. no need to injure yourself from cheaply made stuff.

Yeah. Cheap, bad knives are, like, stuff for twenty bucks or less. CRKT, Spyderco, Cold Steel, these are workable.

Benchmade and Timberline knives for me. Though I am getting hooked up with one of the automatic knives from MOD in the next month or so. :)

sorry, new to the "weapons" world. i'm looking for both a training knife and an actual street legal knife (the customary 3 inch blade) to use. in class, we used the training "drone" someone mentioned above. we've practicing weapons deployment and we're just starting out on knife training. Right now, I'm thinking I'll go with the Spyderco to start off with, then move up from there.

I'm finding that learning more about weapons and how to use them really teaches you to respect them. Like I said, I'm brand new to the weapons world, but it's just one more challenge for me.

By the way, I know that Kali/Escrima/Arnis are interchangeable names for basically the same art, but do Kali practioners tend to favor the use of a knife more in their training? I've heard that from a few people who train in the art.

Thanks for the advice everyone,


Yah, it's a good idea to have a carry knife that matches your drone.

I don't recall all the details about the terminology, except that escrima was post-Spanish-occupation, because escrima is a Spanish word for fencing, or a variant of it anyway. Most folks use the words interchangeably, and I don't fight it.