Spying on the Scammers

The most interesting video of its kind:




Wow...….. That dude nailed them.

For later. Live sh it like this.

Good for him.

I hate those fuckers...

The best is the police walk hand in hand with the guys when they arrest them, like they are some love smitten high school couple. Seems much more intimate than bringing them in in hand cuffs. 

That was really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

In to watch later



That guy is a fucking bawse. 

bloody fuck them blastards

India is asshoe

Part 2


Part 3 


Part 4



Jim Browning is the best. 

In for later. My pops almost got had by one of these crooks. He called me as they were remoting into his pc. I told him to unplug it immediately. I took the hdd out and scanned it. Turned out clean, but I was worried they installed some ransomware or something. Fuckers.

Awesome find.

I would love to watch video of that entire floor getting drone striked.