Spyware driving me insane

I figure my computer has become infested with a rather nasty brand of spyware or adware.

Everytime I close all my internet explorer windows or open it up for the first time, I get annoying pop-up ads. I also suspect its feeding me ads as I browse, although this may just be standard web pop-ups.

I have tried both ad-aware and spybot but neither can get this thing. I have also deleted almost all by downloaded utilities in case the spyware was attached to them.

How do I go about diagnosing the problem and blasting this annoying shit of the face of the planet, and whats the most abusive way to spam the company that made it?

Get rid of IE and download Mozilla..

Have you updated the files for the programs? It sounds like a popup-blocker is the way to go for the moment.

I accidentally installed the "Search Bars" with BitTorrent and neither of the programs can remove them yet. Hopefully they will in the next couple weeks

i dont know why all the hate for IE, i use it all the time, never have a problem, yes Opera nad Moz are ko0 browsers

reboot in safe mode and run adaware with updates, see if that helps

farmsex.com is not ur friend 8-)

I've tried mozilla. To be honest I'd prefer to stick to IE for the moment.

Both programs have been updated. Im going to delete Bittorrent as soon as I've finished downloading something with that.

And lol, I have not been on farmsex.com


Control Panel
Administrative Tools

and shut down the Messenger then disable it (right-click, Properties, Startup Type). That is most likely where your pop-ups are coming from.

BitTorrent is not the problem, Just don't install stuff unless your sure it's safe.


Sorry, Messenger is already disabled.

BT dont cause anything unless u downloaded some werid client

Think I just starched this bastard.

I just updated Ad-aware to the latest version. It detected a new 'infection' and cleared it. The pop-up seems to be gone now.

Whats strange is the update was only released some time between this morning and now.

I've had this problem about a month. So its a pretty big coincidence it arrived on the day I made this thread.