Spyware is breaking my will. Whats the best free spyware removal software out. My shit is infected BAD.

first, go here & download Ad-aware SE Personal


then, go here to clean your other stuff...


Once you fix it get Mozilla and quit using Explore, that solved all of my spyware problems. I had a computer tech fix my laptop once I got the "cool search" spyware on it.

P.S: Stay away from porn sites ;)

to be rid of coolsearch.....


spybot s+d is good. adaware somehow deletes my dsl internet connection!

did it give you a number to type in?? then it un installs!! Save it somewhere on your pc, I've used it alot....

Go to yahoo.com and download their new toolbar.In it they have an anti spy that is the fastest and most comprehensive ive seen.AND ITS FREE!

Take my advice, go to www.download.com
Download spybot search and destroy. Run that and then uninstall it.
Then download Lavasoft's adaware personal and run that.
Make sure you uninstall the spybot before running the second or they may conflict with eachother. Both engines miss some spyware/malware but the combination of the 2 tend to get them all.


Ad-Aware SE is the best one right now. Update the definitions, then click on the "Full System Scan" and let 'er run.

After it's done, right click on both the Critical and Negligible Objects and choose "Select All". Then click Next and let it remove them all.

Reboot your computer, then do it again.

I always recommend setting a system restore point first if you are using Windows XP.

Tedsend28 is right - using two of them will get you even better results. Word of wisdom though - don't install Tea Timer when you install Spybot. It will confuse you.

I have the free Ad-Aware and I also went ahead and paid for XoftSpy. I alternate using one or the other. I have also been using Mozilla Firefox for the past few months. It is a bit sluggish compared to IE in some cases but it stops pop ups.

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. Ama guna duit nowh.


spyware blaster -prevents spyware from loading to computer

go to the screensavers and look for Leo's tip on spyware programs removing your winsock connection. it's happened to two of my co worker's computers. they had to reimage their computer. boy did i look dumb. i blamed it on a virus and spyware.