Spyware (Neededware) / hijack this

I've got an IBM thinkpad running Windows XP (home edition I think) and I've had a problem for a while where browsers are launched in the background that seem to be directed to neededware.com. After a little homework it seems like I should download something called Hijack this, and post the results somewhere to have someone tell me what to delete to get rid of this junk. (Ad Aware, and Spybot Search & Destroy did nothing to eliminate it).

My questions:
1) Is this indeed the best approach to solving this problem?

2) If so, where is the best forum for me to post my hijack this log?

any help is greatly appreciated.


will that work?


I went to www.spywareinfo.com and got help there - I recommend it if anyone else has a stubborn problem.

hijack this is a great program, it'll definately help. Read the manual tho :P