Spyware Problem

So some shit got on my home computer. It keeps resetting itself on IE as my hyomepage. It has fucked everything up. It is spyware isolator bullshit. It keeps sending pop ups about my computer being attacked and click here to downlaod the shit to remove it. Mcafee full scan won't nail it. A DOS search will not correct it either.

Any suggestions? Is there a good legit remover?

You could look in your add/remove programs and see if it wasn't installed as an app or plugin. If it is you could try removing it.

Otherwise, both SpyBot and AdAware are free and when used in combination they should get almost everything.

You'll want to boot into safe mode and then have them each do a full scan and removal.

DISCLAIMER: Use those at your own risk, I know some people have run them and then complained that their computer had issues afterward. I believe that usually indicates that the machine was very badly infected.