Square Head

It seems like most of the fighters in this sport seem to have a square jaw/head.

My understanding is that our bones become more dense as they withstand more stress, say from weight training.

My thought is that, as a result of withstanding punches, the jaw and cheek bones of fighters tend to protrude more or become more dense.

The "training" I do consists primarily of bag work. Since I dont really have a sparring partner, I had this idea. Using my 14 ounce gloves, why not punch myself in the face in an effort to "shape" my jaw and cheek bones?

Outside of the usual cracks and jokes, does this make any sense at all?

I told this to a Doctor friend of mine who said "thats the most retarded and stupid thing" she's ever heard.

I still think there's a chance this might actually work.

Not to sound silly, but I think guys with a square type head can take a better shot, so the sport selects for that. I don't think you can change the shape of your head by punching yourself.

Nobody in my gym has a square head.


Kirik...I didn't consider that perspective. Interesting.


If it's true....I must be able to take a helluva punch.