Squaretrade is garbage

Man they talk a lot of game about their #1 customer service but they route everything through a horrible call center in India and can't actually help you when you need it.

I cracked my screen, they gave me a list of repair shops and charged me the $75 deductible. OK, NP. Except every shop in town says they can't service my phone. OK, NP, Squaretrade also has an option where they send you a new phone and you send the broken one back (I wouldn't have signed up if they hadn't advertised this).

Oh, they also don't have my phone in stock. So what. Order one.

No, they want me to send my phone in and wait 5-7 days for them to fix it. Yeah, most people who use their phone for work can be without one for 5-7 days. Here's an idea, you send me one, I send you the broken one, you fix it, now you have one in stock for the next guy. Rinse and repeat.