Squat Help!!

 maybe you guys can help me out a bit. i have trouble squatting. i cant go down and keep my heels on the ground. my heels always come up and i have to do it on my toes. if i force my heels to stay down i feel like im gonna fall back and completely lose balance when i come up. how can i train myself to do these squats the right way. saw a vid of john cena on the og doing some squats. id like to do them with that kind of form minus all the weight of course.  

p.s.  i have torn my left acl and had reconstructive surgery, could this play a factor?

Also, check out your flexability.


If it's due to some lingering stiffness/scar tissue from your surgery (pretty common in reconstructive repair), you might be able to work up to it the same way people recommend learning to O-lift.

Grab a broomstick or PVC pipe and do 3 sets of 8 perfect reps every morning going as deep as you can without your heel coming up. Stretch your ankles on a step every day, as well; make a focused effort on squatting a little deeper each day.

If it's important to you, invest some time in correcting whatever structural difficulties you have before you start trying to add weight. If you're bothered about not being able to workout your legs in the meantime, just work deadlifts and bodyweight squats seriously.

 its not because of any stiffness in my knee. theres also a vid where GSP is doing some squats. he uses a low bench that he touches his ass on and comes back up from there. would this be an acceptable way of training it?

didn't the video with john cena have him leaning over a lot? try to stay upright when you squat (you'd probably be better off just doing front squats for a while).

and... Who the hell aspires to be like john cena?

I'm probably thinking of a different video. The one i saw looked like a low bar good morning typical "squat" that i see people doing (okay if you're squating in a meet or something).

I don't see the point of not doing full squats if you're doing them to get strong (as opposed to doing them for PLing).

All the videos of Becca doing have been really helpful for ...[/OG]

...erm... nevermind...

 better yet put up a vid of yourself so people can crit what yer doing