Squats with Wrestling Shoes

Just wondering if anyone else does this. I'll hit and kick the heavy bag before hitting the weights sometimes an I dont feel like changing into a pair of flats. In fact I feel alot more comfy doing lifts in wrestling shoes sometimes.



Yama over time doing squats with wrestling shoes will affect your heels. And it will suck bad. :( Take the time out to change shoes and save your heels.

I used to wear them to deadlift, but I was doing more of a competitive power lifting routine than a fight auxillary lifting routine at the time.

It depends alot on what sort of iron you are using. If you are doing consistently heavy strength training (sets of 3', 5's or 8's) your archs and knees are going to appreciate better supported shoes. But that is my own personal experience.

That's interesting you guys note that it might affect the heels and arches. There was a great website around not too long ago that actually advocated deadlifting barefoot over deadlifting with runnign shoes. Granted, the rounded sole in the running shoes is the worst thing you can put your body through while lifting heavy, long term would it that much of an effect if we were to say wrestling shoes and in just socks wwere the same?

Also, I have Oly Lifting flats so there is somewhat of a raised heel. I only feel comfy squatting in those, not deadlifting...the wrestling shoes at least have some sole and arch, but with a more grounded feeling...

I dunno, other thoughts?

People deadlift barefoot because it makes the lift easier in that the lack of a sole lessens the pull distance by a half inch or so. This is why competition PL's wear Ballet slippers or Wrestling shoes. Almost no sole to them.

This is all relative to the kind of squatting you are doing, barefoot isnt the same for squat as it is for a DL, you bear the weight constantly. Serious powerlifters usually wear reinforced hiking/work boots in competition and when they are competing. The flats with a raised heel can cause patella stress over time. But till you are repping well over 450-500 I dont know that it is going to be a problem.

I've done both squats and deadlifts in wrestling shoes in the past, but I feel Chuck Taylors converse are even better, becaues the sole is not as narrow. Either way, I'd recommend using flat soles of some sort.

I lift barefoot!

agreed JensK. If I don't wear my wrestling shoes I wear Chuck's.
I HATE lifting in running shoes. too much cushion in the sole and my feet don't feel stable enough.

"I lift barefoot!"

one dropped 25+# plate away from pissing ones pants in the gym IMO.

You should do as much training as you can barefoot.

Agree about the running shoes - they aren't preferred for lifting, the push your weight forward when you want to be back in your heels, and they're 'squishy' instead of being flat and solid in your footing, which is a pain when you're doing O-lifts. If I'm just doing deadlifts or O-lifts in my workout, I wear my weightlifting shoes. When I'm doing CrossFit and going between exercises quickly I do the running shoes -- I know a bunch of people that use Chuck Taylor's or Nike Frees, though.

As others have noted, the closer you are to being barefoot the better, mainly because of the reshaping/compensation that goes along with wearing cushy, thick-soled shoes. Barefoot isn't allowed in my gym (plus the floor is a shit hole) so I use boxing shoes

Regarding shoes, for example, many find that they can stand on one leg fine with shoes on but when they take them off they're (at best) wobbly....

Supportive shoes, like weight belts and lifting straps, are cheats given they do you no good when you take them off... in fact you've actually trained yourself according to their structure, and you'll need to re-train yourself to perform actions as effectively without them

For the MMA athlete there's NO reason to use them given they're not allowed in competition. The same principle applies to basically everyone else. Sure one can buy a back brace or arch supports, but instead of depending on band-aids, doesn't it make more sense to correct the problem?