Squatters broke into one of my rentals

So just cause the police have it out for me and I been in some drunken fights with the old lady I cant rent from you man?

Chedda man beatin that ass

Perhaps you could buy a few of these for your security OP


You can help the homeless as much as you want, but when it comes down to it they will screw you over if it gets them ahead no matter what you have done for them.

Most people and non profit organizations who “help” the homeless are not only not helping the homeless, they’re exacerbating the homeless problem and fucking over their own community. And they’re also doing it to make themselves feel good with no thought of actually addressing the root of the homeless problem. I’m not saying there are not those who are truly altruistic, but the majority have no thought for the unintended consequences of what they’re actually doing. Giving money, tents, blankets, jackets and even food to transients is a fools errand. Those items enable these people to easily maintain their drug addictions while thieving, robbing, assaulting, and absolutely destroying everything around them. The trash generated from the food given to them is an astronomical problem all on its own.

99% of them have no intention of improving their situation and they never will. This isn’t a third world country. Those people would not be there long term if they actually wanted something different.


I knew after the pitbull post that you would be stopping by

just post the footage, even if its boring. Man of your word, No ?

Good thread. I’m just getting started buying real estate. Bought three houses last year, have another under contract right now. Hoping to get 5 total this year if not more.

Good to see someone got some value from it.

I would only post video if: Legally I was so in the right that there is zero risk; 2. things ended verbally, not physically. 3. I felt like it.

#3 is it. I didn’t start the thread to impress anyone. I started it because I needed to vent and maybe a few of you could learn from my misfortunes.

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This is for another thread.

UPDATE: Was in there yesterday. Smoke damage in the bedrooms. They lit small fires in the closets. Posting security there tonight as it will be cold

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I used to work in that industry providing mental health and addictions services to the homeless and let me tell you, it’s gone from having decent programs in place to just catering to the wants of the homeless.

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To clarify, I have no problem with mental health and addiction services. Those are things they actually need (but most don’t want of course). My issue is with the vast network of homeless enablers.

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I left the industry because it’s all about virtue signaling now and enabling people to STAY homeless.

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