Squid Game on Netflix

I’m on the last episode and no spoilers - really enjoying the series so far. Think Battle Royale meets Black Mirror. It must have had a stellar budget. Talk about a show that really fucks with sense of morality and showcase how ugly our humanity may have to be in order to survive/win.

Just get past the slow second episode.


I just started a thread on this. Lol. You did yours first. Pretty interesting after the slow start.

Do OGers hate Korean programming?

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Just finished it. It finished strong. My problem with series is that they go on far longer than the writers have good ideas. This stayed interesting after a slow start.

This series is excellent.

Reminds me of a twist on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Cards are golden Tickets, Red suits are Loompas, the sets of the games are trippy (several all white like the tv studio) I binged the first 8 episodes last night. Even the second episode reminded me of the 1st act of Wonka where they flesh out the characters stories more.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Never heard of it. Thanks OP

Holy hell at that ending

10/10 for the whole series, best I’ve seen in a long time


Will check!


In. Scrappette watched the entire thing in a couple days.

I feel like I could flip envelops better than anyone on the OG. Come at me Ddakji bros.

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So I have been rewatching it with my wife the last couple days, they focused on the screw on the vent in the bathroom but never touched on it again, wonder if that will come into play if they do a second season.

Another series on netflix that is similar but no where as good is alice in boderland, the acting is horrible at times, but somewhat decent, gets much better in the last half. I give squid 10/10. I would give alice 6/10

This show is bananas

I went down a rabbit hole of these, and I hate them now. It didn’t take long to hate it either, but I kept watching for a while after.


Main character reminded me of 8chan owner / Qanon


I just finished the 9 episodes.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone else.

Honestly it was okay ONLY because I was invested after 3 episodes….

BUT the “red light, green light” game scene was by far the best and most shocking scene in the entire series. After that the games get dumber and you realize it’s easy to foreshadow what’s going to happen.

I don’t understand the end. That old man was in charge? Also what happened to the cop that infiltrated and got video and survived?


What did I miss? I thought the ending was awful.

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I thought it was opposite. Started strong and ended weak , I’m still confused the relations between some characters and the old man. Ending was just him dying. Idk they all look the same to me , I might’ve missed some thing

He was shot by his brother and fell in the ocean. I would expect him to make an appearance if they do end up making a second season.

As far as the ending, him walking away from his daughter to get revenge. I was hoping he got on the plane but it leaves a lot of story lines open.


Season 3 Shut Up GIF by Paramount+

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