Squid Game on Netflix

It was okay for a mindless action series, but everything was extremely predictable. From the brother to the old man to the setup for season two at the end.

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Read about how violent it is. I’m on episode 3 wanting to give give up. Dieing here

Looked more like he was expressing bi-curious/ K-POP side.


Finished it last night. It was worth a watch, better than a lot of bullshit that’s on netflix

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He wasn’t handcuffed, but it is impossible to notice on your first viewing lol


I think the marble game was my favorite episode

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Spoilers below!

I thought the first 7 episodes were great, then they really let themselves down by turning it into a betting on humans thing that’s been done to death.

It seemed with Episode 6, which was one of the strongest episodes of TV I’ve ever seen, that they were taking it down the path of “black, white, Asian, gay, straight. We’re all fucking discriminated against by the elite”. But it went with the generic rich people killing humans for fun stuff, which was a shame.

Still, the best series Netflix has done by quite some way. Series was 8/10. Episode 6 was 11/10.


Typical modern day fuss, it wasn’t that violent at all

I also don’t understand what the fuss is all about? Good show but not nearly top 10.

Was it extremely violent or realistic? Not really. Black Summer or To the Lake (russian show on Netflix) are more realistic and fairly violent.


Still trying to figure out why they focused on the bomb on the ladder for the vips but was never used, wonder if it is foreshadowing for season 2

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Agreed, the build up to the relationships and then what happened. Partner of gang leader should have said fuck you, this is the game we agreed upon, what happened to him in the next episode was perfect for his betrayal

this show is a bigger shit-stain than that Tiger King bullshit.

Are people paid to like it? its absolutely the worst thing I have ever attempted to watch.

kampy, horrid acting, terrible dialogue… its just so so bad.

Tons of plot holes like that too. He got to choose after losing the game the other dude chose, because of equality. So when the other guy won his choice, then the gang leader wins his choice, how isn’t there a neutral persons choice of game as a decider because they’d just levelled it up? It wasn’t equal at all, shoulda all had games picked from a hat!

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So for those saying they saw the cop in the bathroom after he fell in the ocean, that was the front man looking in the mirror while removing the bullet and seeing the cop’s reflection, he was looking at the ghost of what he had done for the game

One of the biggest issues I have is the glass on the bridge, at that point it was all tempered when the explosion happened, she should not have taken a shard like that

Still 10/10 though


I am getting pressure to watch this.

Do you guys watch in Korean ?

Just curious I always watch these shows in the language they were made in and use the subtitles.

Thinking the English or other language voice overs would be odd.

Wonder how that impacts viewing for some people.

Usually I watch foreign language shows in the original language, with subtitles. In this case it defaulted to dubbing and I thought I’d try it out. I left it that way and really enjoyed the show.

I used subtitles.

I watched it dubbed

The glass maker guessed right before the lights went out. There was still plenty of regular glass left.

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