Squid Game on Netflix

Wasn’t it only real glass that was left at that point?

Both tempered and regular glass were still left at that point.

All the tempered glass was still there. That’s what they used to cross the bridge.

Some of the regular glass was also still there. It was only when they guessed wrong that the regular glass was taken out. When someone guessed right everyone who followed knew which was which and avoided the regular glass.

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Don’t mind me, I’m an idiot. I got confused thinking tempered was the weak stuff.

I’ll have to rewatch that part, I thought they had broken all the regular glass

Its like that saying when you meet 1 asshole, they are the asshole, yet when you only meet assholes, you’re the asshole …

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Good show, finished it today. I heard a radio station host call it “the greater show ever” which is not even close.

I did go from hating most of the characters to enjoying them and seeing them develop (like the main guy). The business school guy (guy who died last) was the biggest asshole and sneakiest son of a bitch.

Overall, would give 8/10 dicks

Fuck that guy for screwing the Pakistan guy

Symbolic of the treatment of immigrants

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English speakers in many of the Korean shows/movies I’ve watched have been odd. There was just one can’t recall which moviez but the American journalist was pretty normal. Aside from that though, it’s like they’re all characterizations of western people.

Burned out around ep.6. seemed trite.

Someone let me know if I tapped too soon.

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Episode 6 was one of the best episodes of the season. Your taste is just shit.

You don’t think it’s extremely derivative? Does that change?

If you didn’t like it by episode 6 watching more episodes isn’t going to change your mind.


That was his brother the cops brother

Thought about watching it but i didn’t feel like reading subtitles. Guess I’ll give it another shot

The dubbing was pretty bad but you accept it after a while, didn’t realise until after that there was an option for subtitles

There’s an American dubbing

Just watched last ep.
Best thing of the series was the “north korean” chick.
Im basically in love.
Went to google her (i have not done it before afraid of running into spoilers) and she’s a legit super model (im not surprised mfs), like…top level, Vogue covers, Paris, Milan, NY etc big fashion shows since she was 16yo…
The series was ok and i watched it just so i could understand all the memes floating around.
Watched it in original korean audio, and subtitles in my first language.

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You tapped too soon. Finish it, you won’t regret it

Why? It was either the paki’s or his own ass.