Squid Game on Netflix

went back to it last night. wasn’t bad. maybe i just needed a break.

7/10. Entertaining. End was kinda whatevz.

Seemed to leave a lot open for a 2nd season.

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Great show I enjoyed it

I didn’t have high expectations going in but was into it. Something different

I’m watching midnight mass & it’s ok. SJW bullshit being injected into it about the Muslim guy is weird

Squid game was a 9/10 for me clever & fun and wild

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This got me interested in some other Korean shows.

Started Kingdom, pretty good so far. I’ve seen it browsing around before but I don’t know why I didn’t check it out. High score in IMDB.

Personally I thought the gore scenes were great. But I’m into cinematography and video editing so I watch these shows with a different perspective. It was a decent show overall, but horrible audio dubs.

I wouldnt want my kid watching it on Netflix, no age restrictions, etc. weird how Netflix pushes these violent shows

How do you watch it without getting tired of reading subtitles?

There really wasnt much dialogue. I hate watching dubbed shit.

North Korea girl was hot, other girl (red head) was hot too

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I have been listening to the sound track a little.

Like the classic or old timey sounding Korean music sound/song.

Spoiler ahead

During tug o war The old man was not attached to the rope. Watch when they are all on their backs after they win. He has cuffs but not to the rope


Goofy to admit but I was wondering about this and talking about it on the way to dinner tonight.

Thanks good detail.,

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Anyone going for one or a couple of these ?

I would not mind a jacket or maybe a shirt just to wear.

Would be interesting if anyone recognizes the jacket.

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Its the most popular selling costume on amazon

Wow I am very out of the loop

Of course tonight I thought something had happened a place, cops, lights off, traffic blocked, lots of red flashing lights, then finally realized the business had turned into a Haunted House at night time during Halloween. I had forgotten it is that time of year.

Didn’t catch that. The only thing I thought of was how the Korean host was unavailable (“something came up”) which I thought was odd. They did a good job throwing all suspicions off #1

he was the tie breaker to not play, he actually played the games, and I thought it was poetic that they didn’t show him getting his brains blown out even though it turned out not to happen.

Gi-Hun dyed his hair the same color as the workers with the shape masks.

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I quite liked it but it was derivative for sure and the dialog among the VIPs in particular was really bad


Thoroughly enjoyed it. The only element I thought was lame is the VIP angle. I get the point they were making re the wealth divide but was hoping for something more creative.

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