Sratt vs Lytle ,Shooto Tournament

Shooto Americas is pleased to kick off the New Year with the RSF Shooto Challenge. Many of you have already seen the card that Randy Greenman and Jeff Osbourne have put together for this show on Friday January 2nd. But one thing some of you might not know is that some of the fights on this show will be the first round of an eight man tournament to claim the new Shooto Americas Championship. This title will cover ANY Shooto sanctioned event in North or South America. The tournament will take place over the next several months on both continents and at several Shooto events. Some of the names are still being worked for the mentioned tournaments but the ones on this show are set.

Promoter Randy Greenman Presents

Reality Submission Fighting Shooto Challenge

Friday January 2nd 7:30 pm

Bellville Exposition Center

200 Southbelt East

Bellville IL. (East St. Louis)

Ticket information 314-832-3489



Main Event

First Round Shooto Americas Tournament Middleweight Division

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle ( Shooto Americas #3) vs Pete " The Secret Weapon" Spratt

First Round Shooto Americas Tournament Welterweight Division

Phil Johns (Shooto Americas #5) vs Steve Berger

First Round Shooto Americas Tournament Middleweight Division

Sam Morgan (Shooto Americas # 4)vs Manvel Gamburyan

First Round Shooto Americas Tournament Light heavy weight Division

Cutrtis Stout (Shooto Americas #4) vs Mike Rethmeir

Other bouts to include;

Alex Steibling vs Mike Rogers

Mike Loyd vs Jay Estrada

Doug Sauer vs Travis Fulton

Ryan Maynor vs Heath Pedigo

Matt Schwinnen vs Bill Hill

Mo Mohler vs Mike Green

Ginelle Marquez vs Kelly Kobald

Can't wait. It'll be like getting a extra Christmas present. My picks: Spratt, Berger,Morgan(fight of the night I predict!),Stout,Steibling,Estrada,Sauer,Pedigo,Hill,Green, and Kobald. Just my opinions.

And I'll have the best seat in the house .


This show is going to be awsome

ttt for Shooto


Lytle, Berger, Manvel, Rethmeier, Rogers.

I can't wait for this event.

I'm there

Dude this by far the best card that has ever been in the midwest. Bad fucking Ass.

Up for Shooto.


ttt. Clayton, I look forward to meeting you.

Are their any tickets left?!!??

It fricking sucks ive been in a major financial SNAFU
cause my work went direct deposit and screwed everything up.i was reciving either no deposit or somebody elses check.Their finally gonna fix it but not untill New Years Eve.

It really really blows cause i was wanting to get the best tickets possible and take a girl i like cause she's never been to a show and i haven't Been since
the last SFC.

Oh yeah and my cat died.


Ticks remain. Call Randy at 314-832-3489.

Cool i'd call him now but it is christmas:)

first thing in the morning:)

ttt for one week away

"ttt. Clayton, I look forward to meeting you. "

I look forwarding to meeting you as well.

this show kicks ass! a great line up.

ttt for my boy Pete.

Hey Sven , are you coming to the show ?

Go Spratt

Go Lytle