Srsly- What was this GAY-ASS video about??

I know I posted this vid a while back...but I cant stop thinking about how fucking gay/creepy/wierd it is. And I used to watch it as a KID.

Did I catch the Gay?

It's a video from a premature ejaculation therapy program from the early 80s.

Ending had me cringing bad Phone Post 3.0 it wrong that at age 8 I was hard watching this?

Back in the 80s, men could hang out without everyone assuming there was something sexual going on. Now we watch that video and assume they were gay, but I think this was just good natured "palling around".

Of course the movie is gay. Back then there was a large movement for gays and acceptance into the culture to the point it was cool for straights just to have gay friends.

This was before the Aids came along. When that happened all this gay acceptance thing ended..

I suddenly have the urge to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia Phone Post 3.0

How dare u pick on such an amazing homoerotic 80's gem. U need to relax young man. Phone Post 3.0

Da fuck Phone Post 3.0