SSF Contingency Program

SSF is proud to introduce to the Fight World the SSF Contingency Program. This is a concept barrowed from the world of Motocross. If you place in the top three of a major event and are pictured in one of the following magazines (Tapout/Body Guard, Grappling or Blackbelt) wearing a SSF rashguard, fight shorts or gi (logo visible)you will be rewarded a cash prize.

Grappling, BJJ and MMA

1st place $200.00

2nd place $125.00

3rd place $75.00

TTT!!! Thats cool Ron..

damn thats cool!

TTT for ron!!!


SSFGEAR.COM kicks ass!

Ron, I'm bare up here with no shirts!!!! LOL!!!!!!

email me bro! jwe498@aol or shit, just call!

Take care!


Cool, that's how my sponsors used to work for snowboarding too.  Photo incentives were good money.

emails sent.

Well I'll be wearing my NOGI shorts with the SSF website and logo proudly represented at the next grapplers quest.

Ron email me when you get a chance...just to shoot the breeze...

I need you to send you address to

She didn't get the magazine out to you because I misplaced your address

SSF please send me an email.


TTT for a great company!

ttt for a great company


VERY smart business move!!

What about mags like Fighters Only that go out over Europe and the US

Fighters Only works for me too.


Don't forget throwdown fight magazine


great incentive.

for a great move