SSonnon, about clubbells

I've been increasingly intrigued with your methodology since I purchased your bodyflow book, and now I've been experimenting with clubbells. Interestingly enough, I find them to be almost as fun as bodyflow, which I absolutely love.

I was wondering if you could advise me (or anyone else who is willing) where to fit a CB workout in to my schedule:

I have Kenpo and Judo on Tuesday and Thursday, and just Kenpo on saturday. Both of the classes incorporate pretty tough calisthenic-type workouts, so I was wondering If i'd be better off doing CBs on the off days, or on the same day as my classes.

I'd be grateful for any advice!



I'm glad to hear of your success with Bodyflow and Clubbell training.

Basically, on your off days. If you would like help organizing your training, join the RMAX Tribe Forum, and post your question to the Program Design Help Desk. We can get into a little more detail on how to get the 'biggest bang for your training buck' there.

Best regards,

Scott Sonnon