SSonnon: Bridge Breathing


When you're doing a bridge or upa move against an opponent, do you exhale or inhale? Is it done differently in slow training as opposed to actual speed?



Read Breath Scales Mastery:

Basically, exhale.

When I'm doing it slow, it seems natural to inhale on the bridging motion as the chest expands. And exhale as I come to my knees following the turnover, as the chest compresses.

Doing it fast would seem to get a more forceful motion with an exhale (in your words, "perceived effort?"), but seems to be going against the natural expansion of the chest.

I read the article and it makes sense to me with your car driving analogy. I think I understand what you're trying to say with the "Levels of Breath Mastery", but I'll go back and read it again for a clearer understanding.

I guess what I'm getting at is, should you be practicing movements like this in one way for a breathing exercise and another for the way you would perform it in competition?



There is only one way to perform it - at your level.

For instance, as you recover your range of motion, you will find exhalation more 'natural' than inhalation, as you compress the lungs.