Greg Horvath-De La Riva/Bittencourt JJ


Robert Mercado-Freestyle Fighting Academy

Roberto Mercado wins x armbar

Thiago Domingues-De La Riva/Bittencourt JJ


Laren Umphlett-Arena Shootwrestling

Thaigo Domingues wins x Cross face (breaking Laren's nose)

Rafael Dos Santos-De La Riva/Bittencourt JJ


Joe Wilkerson-New Age MMA

Rafael Dos Santos wins x armbar

Ronald Mann-Arena Shootwrestling


Thiago Sherenburger-De La Riva/Bittencourt JJ

This match was a war and ended in a draw after 15 minutes.

Match I


Match II

Match III

Match IV

I want to thank all of the competitors that came out to the event, despite the shitty weather.

The event was small, but very good. This was our first event and good experience for all of us.

We will be putting another event in the near future, if you are interested in competing e-mail me at

We are working on adding some MMA matches in the near future.

From: kansetsuwaza
Date: 02/02/04 02:13 PM
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It was a good but small event that will grow.

Thanks to the De La Riva crew for supporting.

Special thanks to Marcos Avellan and crew for coming all the way from Miami for our small event, that is supporting Florida events!

By the way, not that it matters, but I tapped due to a broken nose, not a choke. The choke wasn't even close.

From: TheAdonis
Date: 02/02/04 04:35 PM
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Kansetsuwaza caught two BIG forearms to the nose, breaking it. They happened one after another, and from where I was standing the choke wasn't even near being sunk.

This event was cool, hopefully the florida schools will support each other in future grappling tournaments.

The event was pretty small, but the crowd was really into the matches and the events will only get better as time goes on.

Everyone that competed was extremely tough.

Oh, and one more thing: i'm glad I didn't have to set my whiskey down and fill in and have to face Ron "the machine" mann. That kid is a freakin' cyborg from the planet cardio.

and that is all

The Adonis


I am looking forward to the next one, I love to wrestle.

Yes, Adonis, the "Half Man/Half Machine" is getting good at his defense AND his offense. We try to throw the kitchen sink at him as often as possible.

As for a broken nose, it was not intentional and it does not matter if it was a choke or not, I legitamately tapped out. When things don't go very well then you just get ready for the next one, it all doesn't really matter. Those De La Riva guys are very good jiujitsu guys, and very nice people. I am happy they will be associated with our events.

I have a very good feeling about the success of the next event.

Laren & Steve,

Thanks for putting on the event. I was surprised with turn out due to the horrible weather. We are looking forward to the next event, for now we are preparing for NAGA.


DeLaRiva/Bittencourt Jiu Jitsu

ttt for ffa!!congrats robert

no one thanks the brooksville boys...:P i still wanna freakin wrestle oh well see everyone at nationals..


Congrats to Greg for competing, Thiago for accepting invitation to fight 30 min defore his match and pulling a draw, and specially Thiago Batata and Rafael Cyborg for the quick finishes.

Fun and to the point show, looking forward to next one.


congrats guys

Congrats to FFA and Robert Mercado!

I hope this grows into another good and big Florida grappling show. You would have probably had a lot bigger crowd to support you if it wasn't for the UFC and the rainy weather.