St Petersburg Russia

Does anyone know of a place to train at or around the University of St. Petersburg? Looking for anything, judo, sambo etc. I will be there for 6 weeks this summer studying. Thanks


Send me your contact information at, if you want Judo, Sambo and ROSS.



Hey Scott! how are you?

Is it expensive to stay in St. Petersburg?? I may be going there this summer with my class (at University). It'd be cool to catch some training. Maybe visit Red Devil ;-)

Got any advice for me??



Team Scandinavia

Jakob, depends on the quality of accommodations. If you jump a place at the Karelia, it's about $30/day, including 3 meals. Not a bad place.

Sounds good ;-) I've never tried Sambo/Sombo before. Are there any nice schools I should visit if I get there? And will it add something to my BJJ/Wrestling/Kickboxing angle? I've heard it's wrestling/judo with killer leglocks or something to that effect ;-)

Whatever happened to your seminar in Scandinavia, by the way? I heard you couldn't go, but did you reschedule or cancel?



PS! I just won my first Am Shooto match a couple of weeks ago - wooohoo :-)

Did you fight in holland at the amatuer shooto show? i was there

yeah, I fought there - in Bergen op Zoom ;-) I was the very last fight. I won in 32 seconds by armbar against a guy from Chakuriki.

i remember you, you fought smouth.

Jakob, congrats on your success. I'm too busy with my AN-TERR/SUB-CON business in my country to conduct international ROSS events.

What i forgot to post that a friend of mine took pics at the event, you can view them here

thanks a lot, player! ;-) I'm trying to get a fight this summer in MD. Hope to be back in Holland this fall sometime. I'd love to come back ;-)

thanks Scott! ok, too bad, I was hoping to learn some new angles on my game from you ;-/ I'm hopefully going to the US this summer to say hi to Jeff Miller and Kirik and I hope I get a fight as well - we'll see!


damn, my class decided on going to Praha instead... guess i'll stay home and train, then go to the US...