St. Pierre = future champ

I think St. Pierre will be champ soon. He was beating Hughes in every aspect of that fight before getting caught. I think he'll work his way back up walking through everyone and take the belt.

i don't think he'll walk through everyone but i think he will be the champ.

"Hey, you know what would have been more impressive? If you would have called it 4 fights ago, you know, before he actually proved himself."

not quite sure what your point is here

St. Pierre will have to get through Trigg first! And I personaly think that won't happen. I think Trigg would beat the shit out St. Pierre. Trigg is more physically dominating by a mile. The only way I see Trigg losing to St. Pierre is when Trigg is G/P the piss out him and gets caught in a Triangle or something. Either way I think You can't give St. Pierre another shot at Huges unless he can get through Trigg, who in my opinion is a certified ass kicker and will be the next champ once he learns to stop giving up the back!

LOL @ Trigg beating St. Pierre.

I think St Pierre is stronger than Trigg as well as better standing and on the ground. This should be the next fight for both of them, in any case.

"LOL @ Trigg beating St. Pierre."

Do you have any opinion to back that statement up? Or are you just making uneducated remarks?

After seeing some of the decisions in UFC go for the americans it would probly help him get his title faster.I think Matt Hughes was choked out when he won the title from Newton but of course the judges would never admit it.Hughes had no idea what had happened just look in his eyes at the tape.Nothing against Americans but some times I find the judges are not impartial.I agree George is the real deal.


"My point is that its not much of a prediction when its so blatantly obvious."

So basically a simple "I agree with BronxBison" would have been more appropriate.

I'm not saying St. Pierre isn't the real deal, cause he is a great fighter. I think that Trigg is a far more aggressive attacker and striker than St. Pierre. St. Pierre tends to be to patient at times which against a guy like Trigg who is a cardio machine and won't gas easily can come full steam alot longer while St. Pierre is waiting for something to happen. Even if the stand up isn't working for Trigg, his wrestling background enables him to takedown St. Pierre, although this is gettting closer to where St. Pierre has an advantage. But if Trigg passes guard or can even get in St. Pierres half guard, the G/P comes out and Triggs starts realesing elbows like he did against Dennis.

Nobody is taking the WW title unless Hughes retires or switches weight classes. But I do agree, GSP is an incredible fighter and is a future champion.

"too bad he's not american. :("


"Unfortunately this is true, for all the drunk rednecks that are in the ufc audience. But most of us will back him up. Thank God rednecks are only a small population of the states."

Ya initially the people often boo the foreigner but from what I have seen in the UFC, if you put on a good show then the audience will respond postively, regardless where you are from. Arlovski is a good example.

I think St. Pierre beats Trigg based on this:

St. Pierre has better stand up than most 170 guys, he has a good jab (see vs. Hughes) as well as some unorthodox skills (see spinning back kick vs. Hughes).

St. Pierre may not have the credentials in wrestling that Trigg has, but wrestling in fighting is different (although some people fail to see that.) St. Pierre was able to escape the bottom against Hughes and take him down. He also controlled and dominated Karo and Jason Miller, both squirrely guys on the ground.

Jiu-Jitsu/submissions is a no brainer. St. Pierre has submitted multiple opponents, has sick guard passing (see vs. Miller), etc. Where trigg has shown nothing except how to get choked TFO ("He doesn't know how to defend a rear naked choke, that's day one stuff," Matt Hughes.)

All in all, Trigg is a tough dude who hits hard (when he has the advantage. St. Pierre has better standup, will be difficult to put in a position to pound on the ground, and could sub Trigg no doubt. On paper and watching their fights, I don't see Trigg having any advantages. Does that answer the question?

GSP will knock out Trigg.



I can appreciate your opinion. You make some valid points. I just hate it when dudes come on here and make a one line uneducated statement and have no reason as to why they say what they say. So good points and backup on your "LOL @ Trigg beating St. Pierre." statement...

I definately agree GSP will be the champ.
He is the complete package.IMO he would beat Trigg.
If he took Hughes down and reversed him he can and would do the same. His cardio is off the board and he is much better at submissions than Trigg. But Trigg would be a tough fight for him.

When St. Pierre beats Trigg, I would pay large sums of money to hear St. Pierre say, "YOU KNOWWWWWWW!" in his French accent just to mock Trigg. Trigg talks enough shit, he deserves some back at some point.

"St. Pierre will have to get through Trigg first! And I personaly think that won't happen. I think Trigg would beat the shit out St. Pierre"

Stand-up striking = St.Pierre

Subs = St.Pierre

Cardio = St.Pierre

Strength = St.Pierre

GNP = Trigg

..sorry, but this is a bad match-up for Trigg.

So I just asked Trigg about fighting St. Pierre, and he said that he tried to already, but couldn't get him to. That just proves St. Pierre is a smart guy. Trigg also feels that the way St. Pierre trains (avoids taking shots during training) is a disadvantage cause Trigg will throw down and St. Pierre won't be used to taking hard shots.