St.-Pierre to fight at UFC 46!!!


I believe that St Pierre trains at Tristar gym

George Teaches with Stehane Dube at Karate K.J.S located 2, Montee des Bouleaux #100, Sainte-Constant

Uh Nova uniao, Uh nova Uniao. George can hang with anybody. Preparation will probably be the key for both fighters,

How old is St. Pierre


All I can say is it better be on the PPV. I remember when Davids fight was not shown and how pissed people were. Alot of Canadians will order this event because George is fighting and it better be on !

Karo is not strong enough physically to hang with George. I've been helping George with his BJJ and he's been training like an animal in Wrestling and stand up, believe me....Karo won't throw anything at him that he will not be ready for. I say St-Pierre by ref. stoppage or decision.

If that animal is, as I suspect, a wolverine, Colangelo will have subbed the correct in 0:01.

I'm betting on St Pierre. Hate me if you must but i got a gut feeling.