St. Pierre vs. Silva (Where?)

IF we get this fight I propose the following:

An EPIC promotional coin-flip to determine whether the fight happens in Canada or Brazil!

Picture it! GSP and Anderson on some promotional special (FOX?) with hype interviews and highlight reels culminating in the LIVE coin flip (envision the maple leaf heads and yellow and green tails). Fan shots, via live closed circuit bar feeds, will show the reactions of Canadian and Brazilian fans...

Hurray! Phone Post

Ideally neither Canada or Brazil, thus the US.

Otherwise in Canada, since GSP will be fighting the much larger Silva.

They could seriously pack a stadium for this fight. And the nationalist tone is always fun! Phone Post

Tokyo Phone Post

Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Dana, get Jerry Jones on the line!

Big EP - Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Dana, get Jerry Jones on the line!

YES!!!!!!!! Phone Post

Big EP - Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Dana, get Jerry Jones on the line!

This is almost a certainty, as is me making the five hour drive. Phone Post

 MSG!  Come on new york

not bad idea


WALES...... BOOM!!

(daydreaming) Phone Post

its a shame it cant happen. but a would have said..
"new york madison square gardens" this fight would have been perfect for a UFC welcome too that city.. Phone Post

Winston Wolf - not bad idea

Thanks man.

(wipes tears from dirt streaked face) Phone Post


Fighting in the deepest division on MMA and will fight the much bigger Silva.

Where others tremble to thread and wanting to be "friends", GSP moves like a fearless titan.

A true warrior.

Toronto. Sure they could sell a ton of tickets in Brazil but we saw the UFC do an 11 mill gate in Toronto, I'd assume GSP/Silva would break that record.

Brazil they could probably do 60k tickets but the gate wouldnt be as high.

Cowboy Stadium they can say is the middle between Canada and Brazil, its in the US so it can get the big US media attention but would they be able to sell 60k tickets in Texas?

Vegas they could sell out and do a huge gate but Toronto would probably be the biggest gate, you know you can sell 50k tickets, you dont know if you can sell 50k tickets in Cowboy stadium. Toronto/Brazil you know the base is there and the fans will show up.

In gay PARIE

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Doesn't Princess Ste. Pierre only fight in Canada?  I guess I assumed it would have to happen there, which I'm sure Anderson would be fine with.

  He's fought in Canada 3 times out of his last 15 yeah, he only fights in Canada....

  And hasn't fought outside Canada in 2 1/2 years

nice try at the flame, but total fail. Dead Again already schooled you, so i'll just let it be

i don't think Silva would take the fight outside of Brazil even after claiming he wants to fight GSP, but i hope i'm wrong. it should be held in Vegas of course...

Canada, I think Anderson would agree

possibility for more money and more PPV sales

MOst likely dallas stadium but a soccer stadium in brazil isnt completely out of the question

 Hopefully vegas so I can go. Can you imagine it in dallas stadium? You couldn't see shit if you attended live, you'd have to watch the megatron screen

^It's about the atmosphere