St. Pierre vs Strasser 2morrow...

TKO 19 is tomorrow with George St. Pierre taking on Dave Strasser (guy who got kimura'd in the UFC by Karo Parisyan). I'm gonna go with St. Pierre by TKO. Your pick?

I agree.

I'm rooting for Strasser.

Hell yeah rooting for Strasser!

I'm picking Strasser

St Pierre all the way

Strasser is a great guy, I hope this match puts him back in the mix of things.

Georges is going to win.

I am picking Strasser!!

St.Pierre via french tickler 2rnd

this should be a great fight

Strasser will win

St. Pierre for sure.

Gotta go GSP. The man gave Hughes a run for his money!

Check for LIVE results tomorrow night!

I feel GSP will be too much for Strasser to handle.

st pierre all day long.


"Gotta go GSP. The man gave Hughes a run for his money"

Run for his money?? He gave Hughes about as much "run for his money" as Trigg did.

It was a first round submission-- you can say that he looked good up until that point--yada.yada yada.

The fact is Hughes ended it in the first round....

Georges is a tough guy and should win this fight-- but I doubt he would get by a Sherk,Charuto,Trigg etc..

Strasser win by KO