St. Pierre wins!!!!

St. Pierre just beat Hieron about 1:30 into the first round for TKO.

Canada is halfway to their perfect night.

Congrats Georges!

Congrats. Anyone else thinking St. Pierre vs. Hughes for the title???


Way to go Georges great fight. Only bigger and better things for him for sure.

That was an incredible fight! Georges is the man!

Good job bro,

It was great to see you completely dominate Heiron!!


Team Ronin MMA

BTT Canada

Holy hot damn! That was the absolute best beating I have seen anyone lay down in a while!

That fight should have been stopped at least 3 times. What a huuge beat down. That kid was unstoppable last night!

Anyone know what St Pierre has to say about the fight?

Also there was a TKO plug.

Amazing fight. I don't think Hughes should be next, however, but a few fights down.

Anyone know where to pick up knee pads like St Pierre had on? The look good. I have some but they only protect the knee and I find that the area beneath the knee needs some more padding for myself. Thanx.

Hughes will IMO fight Trigg at UFC it'll let Georges at least another fight.

congratulations my friend, I asked and you did!!!

Very nice fight.  Congratulations!

St Pierre vs Diaz?

St Pierre did look very impressive !!

Hughes on the other hand will be a bad style matchup for StPierre and maybe a tad early in his 2 fight UFC career.

I've never seen a bandwagon come to a complete screeching halt like that, I heard Hieron was going to kill St. pierre.

wow, what a mismath, that fight wasn't even close, it was a horrible asswhooping.

Congrats George!

Georges just keeps getting better and better!


Here's the list of potential currrent opponents from the UFCs stable of fighters (excluding those he's beat):

Romie Aram
Steve Berger
Shonie Carter
Gil Castillo
Nick Diaz
Tiki Ghosn
Dennis Hallman
Matt Hughes
Jeremy Jackson
Robbie Lawler
Zach Light
Jason Miller
Jutaro Nakao
Carlos Newton
Benji Radach
Aaron Riley
Paul Rodriguez
Hyato Sakurai
Sean Sherk
Dave Strasser
Frank Trigg
Renato 'Charuto' Verissimo

Out of that list, Diaz, Hughes, Newton, Trigg, Charuto, Sakurai, Sherk and Miller (whom he should face next) are the 'top-shelf' fighters. I'd like to see Georges take out at least four more on the list before fighting Hughes or Sherk just to get his experience up and give his ground game a chance to mature.

After watching that fight I'm thinking Mayhem Miller was thanking his lucky stars that he still has use of those platinum "teef"

That squirrel neck would have got beat like a red headed step child...

*Waits for mayhem to take the bait*... ;)

All jokes aside, how GREAT would that match between George and Miller have been ??

I hope it still happens...

UNBELIEVABLE showing by RUSH. I yelled at the top of my lungs while he was swinging away.

He's come so far and JUST KEEPS EVOLVING. Super nice guy who needs to fight TRIGG.

Sorry...did I say that?