St. Pierre's Tattoo?

what does the kanji on St. Pierre' chest say? I can't make it out but it looks pretty sick from far away.

deleted--info not correct

interestin...never heard of that martial arts before...but I guess it must work pretty well though for him to transition so good into bjj, or maybe he's just that good a fighter.

Kyokushin Kai is full-contact karate.

I heard that he is basically a yoga practitioner with a week or two of ground training.

Hei guys.....

please....Kyokushin Kai has one big importance to BJJ game in wrestling is nececarry to put the guy on the ground....Kyokushin skill give to BJJ guy the correct distance to kick punch and grappler the oponent...and on the ground can give to BJJ guys one important weapon in Ground and Pound to finish the fight or to open space to the submission.....

ps: when you see : Pequeno ( shooto champ ), Hermes Franca, Roan Jucao, Buscape, Milton Vieira.....making their G&P see the TAMISHIWARI of Kyokushin in action.....( Hermes kill manny with that game....Buscape broken the jawl of the Russian guy from Fedors Team with that game, Roan Jucao kill Pedro Rizzos teamate Rodrigo Ruas with that game )


yep right up till he got tapped with ease.

I'm a huge St.Pierre fan and was cheering for him against Matt. I feel St.Pierre was ahead standing but to say he was owning Matt is a serious overstatement.

Kyokushin has deep stances. They render you completely immobile!



hmm...sounds interesting, I might go and do more resreach and maybe even take a few classes, and intructors you recommend?

Chang kyokushin is one old skill to punsh on the modern times the fighters use to broken ice and wood.....but some old master learned that to punch on the ground.....where do you live my friend???...maybe I can help you....


It says, "Don't eat the yellow snow."