St. Vrain Tripel

Anyone else had this?

I bought a bunch of single 22 oz. / 750 ml. bottles of different "fancy" beers, and seeing what I like. The tripel is really nice - thick creamy head, hazy golden color, fruit and honey scents, and a clean taste that completely masks the 9.0% alcohol content - my only complaint is that this is a little too drinkable - if I had more than just the one bottle, things could get ugly quick...

Tripel is my favorite style... I'll keep an eye open for this. How much was it going for?

I'll have to find my receipt - I want to say somewhere in the $5-8 range - I've got a barleywine, oatmeal stout, and Belgian Ale left to try too

I stopped tonight, and they had about six different Left Hand Brews... but no St Vrains... so I bought some La Fin (didn't find it too boring :)