Stab program.

Has anybody come across this program?


I've seen some of it and trained in some of it at a seminar. It's a strategy of using the 2 on 1 after you've been stuck once to prevent more shots.

I enjoyed it.

actually STAB was developed by Karl Tanswell...

Jerry Wetzel Red Zone 2 is very good and practical.

STAB seminar:

Very good material, as is Marc Denny's DLO series.

STAB by Karl Tanzwell is the one of ONLY knife response programs which is based on 'aliveness', and using the ground as a way to achieve a disarm (two hands on one, forcing knife to ground), and awareness of the distance. He uses head spear, driving the opponent back/to the side, knees to the leg, and two arms on the knife arm and awareness of the 'body weight' issue behind the stab. DLO by Crafty Dog is a close second.

There's no standing at CQC distance trying to parry the knife and other stuff that will get you killed.

Notice how you don't need an actual knife to do this (he uses a finger or a waterbottle). It's based on grappling, positioning, body weight, and not on 'no-contact' range fencing or flippy dippy stuff.

He talks about 'delivery system' (position, space) not about complex or high chaos moves (grappling actually decreases the opponents options, lowering chaos).

Karl is the shit fo sho!

Who's the big lug assisting?