Stable idea

Even though I'm not a huge fan of evolution, i like their work but i really think its just triple H who bothers me, I Really enjoy the idea of a stable at some point holding all of the gold. I feel that it definitely makes the stable look Strong. I've always wanted to have a stable of legit wrestlers and put the gold on them. For example: Angle As HWT champ, Lesnar as US champ ( i know, i know it seems like a step down but if you put the strap on him and put him in a fued with a mid carder it elevates the title and the midcarder), and Haas and benjamin as tag champs.I couldnt think of a legit amateur wrestler to hold the cruiser weight belt but i think this stable could be horsemen like in their dominance. oppinions?

Like I mentioned in my post I said that I didn't like to see HHH pick up the gold again but that it is pretty cool to see a stable hold all of the gold. Although Batista should have a singles title somehow.

I hope Charlie Hass and HHH have a head on collision and die

HHH, I could understand, but why Haas?

liar, backstabber, spreads lies about you because he doesn't like your friends etc...

I love the idea of a stable having all the belts, just not evolution. I wish it was a group of guys that actually deserve it.

Well he did say he would have been working on Wall St. if he wasn't in the WWE.