Stacked MMA Hour today!

Judo Gene Lebell
Tim Sylvia
Rener Gracie

watch now!


Interesting....Bendo feels Volkmann is in the mix since he keeps mentioning him haha

UGCTT_Rychek -  Thanks very much sir. Wouldn't be watching it right now if it wasn't for you.

your welcome sir

Watching Phone Post


Ronda is going to be on next with Gene Lebell

Ronda on now


Ronda talking smack on Caraway. Love it! lol

LOL Dana just hijacked Ariel's interview


Sagiv Lapkin -
OutTapped - Are they doing the full 24 hours or shortening it somehow? Phone Post 3.0

Shortened to 12, but it is a big success so I can see them bringing it back fully after this season.

Every episode has been a real life 1 hour so far hasn't it? Phone Post 3.0

For later...on Stitcher app Phone Post

 Rener is pretty damn well spoken and articulate.

DamnSevern -  Rener is pretty damn well spoken and articulate.

he is....just so damn cool hehe

4later Phone Post


Ariel is losing himself for some reason lol Phone Post

13 minute answer wow haha Phone Post