Stacked Weekend Of Boxing

Plant vs. Ryder would be a good fight. Ryder kinda got robbed against Smith and he deserves another shot at a title. He'd be Plant's best opponent to date.

What would you tell your fighter to try and exploit Dory?

Plant really liked that little reverse pivot to his right and then going off to his right. I'd tell my fighter to try a wide right to the body when he did it and then to crowd in. I'd tell him to try to get behind the elbow.

Now, if he did this, he is quite likely to hit Plant on the back and he might get a warning for it. But Plant is turning his back in a sense. Also, if he used this wide right to stop him and then move in he could get Plant off balance with his back to my fighter. I

If I was Feigenbutz's trainer, I would have ha him make Plant come to him some with the plan of slipping the lead jab to get in close. That i easier said than done, but coming straight forward or standing in front of Caleb wasn't working for him.

If I was Plant's trainer, I'd make him get his chin down an inch or so. He could have done everything he did with his chin lower. It didn't cost him in this fight, but his chin was too high.

That reverse pivot I am speaking of effectively takes away any left from Plant's opponent. It also puts him in position to slip a straight right or to go under a right hook to the head and get an angle on an opponent. Plant keeps his left arm low in the old style defense to guard his side and the body, but a wide hard right can get behind that elbow, stop his momentum, and allow a fighter to get on on him and offbalance him. Kidney shot be damned.

Even if it lands on the arm and is effectively blocked, it could allow the opponent to move in.

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What would you tell your fighter to try and exploit Dory?

Thanks for asking.

Oh I see Dory did a pretty good job of answering.

He covered most of it so lets leave it at that .

Has anyone seen Tyler Howard fight? 18-0 white middleweight from Tennessee like Plant. Is he any good?

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Has anyone seen Tyler Howard fight? 18-0 white middleweight from Tennessee like Plant. Is he any good?

Never heard of him 

Wilder or Fury this weekend?

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Wilder or Fury this weekend?


I think Wilder needs to jump on Fury early if he wants that KO. Letting Fury get into a rhythm and rack up rounds won’t help Wilder, Fury will box more cautiously late and the fight could be boring if Wilder waits around and tries to find that one opening.  

I think that Fury takes it, but I wouldn't be willing to lay money on it. I think that Fury is the more skilled. I also think that he does have the power to hurt Wilder.

However, Wilder's power is amazing. I also think that he is a better boxer than people think. People see highlights of Wilder swinging wild when he is finishing fights, but that isn't the way he usually boxes. He has a good jab, a nice jab hook combo, moves well, and can hurt anyone with his right hand.

That said, I still think that Fury will win and make Wilder look bad in the process, but if I am wrong, I wouldn't be that surprised.

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Wilder or Fury this weekend?


Idk I want to say Fury is gonna win but just so hard to count out Wilder with that one shot night ending ability. 

I'm gonna say Wilder here but it's a tough one 

Wilder. I know Fury is a bit of an oddball but he just seems off to me this time around. I think he gets caught.

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This is Rumored to be a Go for May 2 ! Stay Tuned ! (I got to take my Hat off to Canelo for taking these big fights and not sitting around like some fighters chose to do) ??

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looks like it’s Canelo v BJS in May

How the hell is this a "big fight"? It's Canelo's weakest opponent since Rocky Fielding.

It would of been a bigger fight if it was at 160.

Billy Joe is awesome. I expect him to outbox Alvarez. He'll probably get robbed of a decision though.