STALKER looks awesome!

Can't wait for this game: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

That does look great. Kick-ass lighting effects. What's the plotline, any idea?

it looks alright... the indoor environments with shadows are impressive but other than that the graphics really didn't look that good...but that might just be the textures which could be improved... it does say its an alpha build at the end

the guns really annoy me. They point over to the left of the screen so aiming at someone at long range looks strange

I have the alpha as well and i'm sure the final will look much better as the alpha only uses dx7. The one good thing is that the alpha runs super fast and that means the coding is tweaked and efficient.

I really hope they have gun sights or at least scope sights for the gun with a friggin scope. The zooming in of the camera is just lazy

Yeah the only fault I can see is the hands and guns look a little weird, othere than that this might be the sleeper FPS of the year.

I heard that there are RPG elements in the game that will effect the outcome and how other characters deal with you in the game.

Some STALKER info:

one of the games I have been waiting for for a long time

looks good to me.

Looking forward to that one. A bit different.

"Looks awesome with a good story, and completely open-ended."

ok, now I'm interested. Open-ended?

Yep, open-ended.

I played the alpha (it's on newsgroups) and the gun issue is not an issue.

The chaingun rocks, BTW.

I think this game will take up more of my time than Doom3 and HL2