STALKER= Worst Ending Ever...

I got the "I want to be rich" ending...god damn that sucked.

I got the ending where I was released back into the zone and had to battle some dudes without touching the ground, teleporting from building top to building top

^^^^WTF?? I saw all 7 endings on youtube...I didnt see anything that was like your ending.

I destroyed the monolith underground & after the scientist told me about the zone and how the Stalkers are hypnotized or some shit, I was given the option to help the scientist keep the project alive or not to. I chose not to.

Then I find myself outside where there are these anomalies that teleport me from point to point as I undergo the most fierce battles in the game on the tops of the buildings. If I fall off, everything goes gray and I start dying. Must stay on the buildings because the ground is fucked up.

I finally reach the final teleporter and suddenly I'm laying in tall grass, weary but happy

I only had two options.

WTF? Dude I didnt even get anything about scientists asking me to keep a project alive. You must have completed all the sidequests or something.

I quit doing that shit as it was pretty much worthless. They gave you a couple thousand when you only bought shit 2 or 3 times throughout the whole game

I did try to complete as many quests as I could for most of the game. Towards the end I read how there was an ending about being in it for money, so I stopped doing the side quests to avoid me being out for easy money & getting the crappy ending & went gung-ho for the end with doing no side quests. I think I stopped all side quests after I got the automatic grenade launcher for some Duty leader.

Seriousy, the ending I played was the best part of the game because the combat was the most difficult and overwhelming. I had guys sniping me & blasting rockets at me from rooftops very very far away. That ending was the best part of the game, imo.

The thing is that I had no idea WTF I was doing. Ghost? Strelok? Fang? Every time these names came up I was like "Uh.... what?". To me, I seemed to just stumble upon the ending.

Ya, it was put together kind of shitty, imo. I had no idea was going on. Even when I beat the game, I was like WTF?? I had no idea I beat it.

Can't believe nobody here got my ending.

Did you beat the game by destroying the monolith (I assume what I destroyed was the monolith) underground in a dark room? Didn't some hologram of a scientist pop up explaining how you were "mind control gone wrong"?

Here's some of my ending I found: