Stance on wrestlers?

Mr Blauer,

what do you think about fighting a wrestler? I have a teacher at my college, Jodie Taylor (from combat missions), that says on should not fight a wrestler. He says they are better prepared than most single combatant fighter.

In essence I completely agree with Jodie.

In fact thats a question I pose at most seminars...

STREET (not in their arena):

1. Wrestler

2. boxer

3. karate expert

4. person with no training

Of course everyone is potetially dangerous.

*The condition is that they would each fight as hard
as you for as long as you...

Training wise, the wrestler is the most prepared.

Tactically the person with 'no' training is the most
dangerous, because they have no patterns or
musclememory to interfere with their choices.


"that says on should not fight a wrestler"
With respect to civilian personal protection, the Blauer Tactical System espouses NOT consenting to combat, both for ethical and strategic reasons.

Someone once said, "It's not a fight unless you want to stop--and can't". The Blauer method teaches strategies and tactics to prevail in a street confrontation. It's really meaningless to say "one should never fight a wrestler"--if it was up to me I wouldn't fight ANYONE--but if I have to deal with someone, possibly a grappler or wrestler, as Blauer says, "sometimes sh*t happens and you must shovel that sh*t".

This is why we train.

With respect to dealing with people who wrestle or otherwise grapple, Blauer's "How To Beat A Grappler" and "Inside the Groundfight" are two of his best (and bestselling) tapes. I love them to pieces. I have the good fortune to be in a city with two PDR coaches (this is why Canada kicks a**), and train weekly with the one nearest my home. Just this night we were reviewing some drills from HTBAG. Very useful stuff.

Blauer is an awesome submission grappler himself and constantly reminds us that we must be conversant with grappling, then move beyond it to adapt it for the street.

Tahnk you sir.

A few things to consider when fighting anyone. A wrestler, karate guy, boxer, etcc.... Systems or styles dont win fights, people do. A style or belt or rank is only important if it intimidates the person you are fighting. Preparation and the will to win out performs all systems.

Joe Mullings

GOod additions guys...

In my post I didnt bother to address the moral or
legal elements or the attitude...

My post was a reminder on the merits of

If you have too many difintions running
do you focus on a point to direct your next

In other words, you could easily read all three
replies and go off in different directions (or not train
at all).

How to NOT have to fight a wrestler could mean
learning more about verbal skills & deescaltion.

Overocming your fear of fighting a wrestlr could
mean wrestle more to not fear their power or
wrestle more to learn the limitations.

"A real warrior seeks weakness" -Unknown

When I first read that I immediately thoght of all the
'achilles heels' I see in the adversary, but that was
too obvious, I then relaized it had far more prfound
effect if I applied it to myslef and looked at my weak
areas and focused on those.